Cara Menghapus Bloatware Pada Perangkat Android

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Cara Menghapus Bloatware Pada Perangkat Android - Pasti sobat pernah merasakan perangkat androidnya sudah mulai lemot atu pun ada lag ketika membuka banyak aplikasi. Sekarang saya akan membahas salah satu solusi dari masalah sobat yaitu dengan menghapus Bloatware dari perangkat android. Bloatware itu sendiri adalah aplikasi atau pun layanan dari vendor pembuat perangkat android sobat, bloatware yang terlalu banyak justru akan memperlambat kinerja karena kebanyakan bloatware berjalan di balik layar sehingga cukup memakan ram.

Bloatware ini tidak dapat di hapus dengan cara biasa tetapi kita harus memasuki folder system untuk menghapus boatware tersebut, contoh bloatware adalah seperti widget accuweather, yang biasanya ada  di hp samsung, ini cukup mengganggu performa karena memakan ram yang lumayan besar.  Untuk menghapus bloatware sobat bisa ikuti cara - cara di bawah ini :

1. Perangkat android sobat harus sudah di root
2. Download aplikasi root explorer ==> Download root explorer
3. Buka aplikasi tersebut, lalu masuk ke folder system, lalu ke folder app, lalu rubah permission ke
    R/W dengan cara menekan di sebelah kanan atas
4. Di Folder app sobat dapat melihat beberapa aplikasi bawa an dari vendor Perangkat android sobat
    hapus aplikasi yang menurut sobat tidak berguna, tetapi harus hati-hati karena terdapat beberapa
    aplikasi yang memang penting dan bila di hapus dapat mengganggu sistem.

Untuk memudahkannya berikut daftar bloatware dan juga penjelasannya yang di kutip dari xda developers :

AccuweatherPhone2013.apk ------------------> is the clock/weather widget
AlarmWidget.apk ------------------> Widget that can be placed in the Home Screen to see and set alarms.
AllShareCastPlayer.apk ------------------>
AllSharePlay15.apk ------------------> Removing will impact Wifi-Direct function [Info from here]
AllshareControlShare.apk ------------------>
AllshareFileShare.apk ------------------> Removing will impact Wifi-Direct function [Info from here]
AllshareFileShareClient.apk ------------------> Removing will impact Wifi-Direct function [Info from here]
AllshareFileShareServer.apk -----------------> Removing will impact Wifi-Direct function [Info from here]
Blurb.apk ------------------> An app to make Albums from pictures in your phone, and also allows you to print at random locations. Read more here.
ChatONV_J.apk ------------------> This is a chat application like WhatsApp. Market link
ChocoEUKor.apk ------------------> Alternative font that you can use on your phone.
Chrome.apk ------------------> This is a phone browser made by Google. Market Link
ColorBlind.apk ------------------> Alternative font that you can use on your phone.
CoolEUKor.apk ------------------> Alternative font that you can use on your phone.
DigitalClock.apk ------------------> Clock Widget that you can add to your home screen.
DigitalClock21.apk ------------------>Same as above.
DroidSansSherifItalic.apk ------------------> Alternative font type to use for your phone.
Dropbox.apk ------------------> Cloud storage application by http://dropbox.com . It's like Google Drive/Sugar Sync. (Normally 2GB of space, but because you own a SGS4 you get 50GB)
DropboxOOBE.apk ------------------> I think is the Dropbox section of the initial phone setup
Earth.apk ------------------> Like Google Maps, but with more features. Market Link
EasyFavoritesContactsWidget.apk ------------------> Widget for your Home Screen. It shows your favorite Contacts.
Episodes.apk --------------------> If you remove it, remove Blurb.apk too, since Blurb is used for print ordering of albums made with this app
Flipboard.apk ------------------> Application for reading RSS news.
FotaClient.apk -----------------> "Software Update" shortcut widget. If you are rooted, you probably can't update either way.
GroupPlay_20.apk ------------------> Application for sharing with other Samsung Galaxy devices Pictures, and Music at the same time.
InteractiveTutorial.apk ---------------->Tutorial: "Help" app that guides you through your phone's features and provides info when needed
KNOXStore.apk -------------> Samsung KNOX Mobile Security
kies.apk ------------------> The Kies app to use for your phone and pc.
kieswifi.apk ------------------> Kies to use over Wifi. (Wireless)
Lookout_TMO.apk ------------------> T-mobile tmobile annoying app that scans all apps for viruses. It's the little green thing that always shows up on the notification bar.
NoiseField.apk ------------------> Live wallpaper - 'Bubbles'
PolarisViewer5.apk ------------------> allows you to view documents/Polaris Office documents. (word, excell, powerpoint..)
Peel.apk ------------------> Part of the WatchOn app, the remote control part I think
PhaseBeam.apk ------------------> Phase Beam Live Wallpaper
PhotoRetouching_fhd.apk ------------------> Photo Retouch camera FEATURE
PlusOne.apk ------------------> Google+ (A type of Facebook / Sociale Networking)
RoseEUKor.apk ------------------> Alternative font to use on your phone.
S-Voice_Android_phone_J.apk ------------------> Application to record voice, and make voice notes.
SHealth2.apk ------------------> Application for Health. Tracks steps, cardio, gym, etc.
SMemo2.apk ------------------> Application for writing notes. You can write notes on text, or use your finger to paint.
SamsungHubUpdater.apk -----------------> Samsung Hub updating app
SamsungGames.apk ------------------> A type of Android Market where you can download games.
SamsungHub.apk ------------------> Samsung Hub app
SamsungOCR2.apk ------------------> Application with which you can take pictures of text, and it converts them to text, and can also translate to other languages.
SamsungSans.apk ------------------> Another font to use for your phone.
SamsungVideo.apk ------------------> Application to watch videos on your phone.
SamsungWatchON.apk ------------------> Application to turn ON and OFF TVs. around your house, office, etc.
SimpleWidget.apk ------------------> Widget to place on Homescreen. All it does is display a number of how many apps you have currently running in the background.
StoryAlbumWidget.apk ------------------> is the widget for Story Album
SyncmlDM.apk --------------------> Software Updates
talk.apk ------------------> Application by Google to talk with your Gmail friends/contacts (Gtalk , Google Talk)
TravelService.apk ------------------> Trying to install it shows up as Travel Wallpaper? Could be related to the S-Travel App
TravelWidget.apk ------------------> The S-Travel Widget
TripAdvisor.apk ------------------> TripAdvisor.com application. To help you plan trips, hotels, etc.
WeatherWidgetDaemon.apk ------------------> Widget that you can place on the HomeScreen and will tell you the weather.
YahoonewsPhone2013.apk ------------------> Application by Yahoo.com to read news.
YahoostockPhone2013.apk ------------------> Application by Yahoo.com to check Stocks $.
YouTube.apk ------------------> Youtube.com application. An application to watch Youtube.com videos.
Com2usPoker_ASGC.apk ------------------> Poker game app made by Com2US
KNOXStore.apk -----------------> Samsung KNOX Mobile Security
KNOXAgent.apk -----------------> KNOX is Samsungs very own security app. For example: It tells you that
an application tried to change something on your phone and advises you
to reboot your phone due to security reasons. Can be very annoying on a rooted phone.
Match3VS.apk ------------------> Online game
Music2.apk ------------------> Google Play Music Application to play music on your phone. You can also download a music APK from the

5. Setelah  itu reboot

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